MedCram is Hiring

MedCram is hiring!

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Medical Content Reviewer

Are you a clinician, resident, or student who enjoys reviewing medial content for accuracy/spotting potential errors?  

This position includes simply forwarding potential errors or content in need of updates to our team who will make addendums and implement suggestions as necessary after review.

Compensation includes free All-Access and payment is distributed per content/error discovered. 

Medical Blog Writer / Contributor

We are preparing to launch a revised version of our blog. We are seeking a writer with a strong medical background to develop and write about important developments in medical education and clinical practice.  Compensation is on a per post basis.

MedCram Ambassador

For students and clinicians from developing countries who cannot afford an All-Access Plan.  Learn about ways to spread the word about MedCram in your community and receive complimentary All-Access.