MedCram is Hiring

MedCram is hiring!

Send us your cover letter and resumé with a note about which position you're applying for.
email us at with your resume

Paid Positions:

Marketing Manager

If you have marketing experience and medical experience or training, please apply for this position.  We are seeking qualified applicants to help manage our social media and digital marketing implementation and strategy.

Work from home with flexible, part-time hours (with flexible/ample time off as needed).

Hourly compensation (based on previous experience and qualifications) and performance bonuses.  

Volunteer Positions:

Medical Content Reviewer

Are you a clinician, resident, or student who enjoys reviewing medial content for accuracy/spotting potential errors?  

We will provide you All-Access (or extend your current plan) for as long as you continue forwarding potential errors or content in need of updates to our team. We will make addendums and implement your suggestions as necessary after review.

Medical Blog Contributor

We are seeking guest writers who want to contribute a post for our blog.  Simply pitch us your idea for our blog, and if your post gets published, we'll give you All-Access or extend your current plan.

MedCram Ambassador

For students and clinicians from developing countries who cannot afford All-Access.  Simply keep our team updated about how you are sharing MedCram in your community and receive complimentary All-Access.