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Chris Tuey, PA-C
Charles Cronin, MD
Lara Capangpangan, RN
Amazing as always! Your medical videos take difficult concepts and make them very simple and easy to understand. I absolutely love your videos. Thanks for doing what you do!
Victoria Carter
Wonderful job explaining things so that they're easy to understand. I just finished my FNP degree and studying for NP boards. This was extremely helpful. Thank you!!
Christine Slack
I am an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon preparing for my Oral Board Exam, and Just wanted to say what a tremendous resource this website and program has been. What a perfectly concise review of these topics! So I just wanted to say thank you. In 20 or 30 minutes, Dr. Seheult explains what would take 2 or 3 hours of reading to review these subjects. Thank You!
Brian M.
Wow. I am an ICU nurse and have been working with liver failure patients for years and it's like a light suddenly came on! So many things make sense now. Thanks.
Sheryl Helms
I have just taken my nclex-rn and passed with 75 questions and MedCram was a big part in helping me achieve this dream. Thank you for making these medical videos. They are a tremendous help!!
A. Yang
I ended up getting an A on my test! Thank you
Virginia Dotson
You just gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for in a medical explanation. Not just teaching to learn this and that, but to actually make sense of what's happening. Thank you very much because I've learned this for life.
Keron Gooding
I've started working as a cardiac nurse and I find your medical materials really helpful and easier to understand! I will share this to my colleagues, keep it up!
EJ Caraig
Starting a nephrology rotation as a PA student tomorrow and this is a perfect medical review. Thanks!
Aaron Powell
Working on my NP and your medical videos have undoubtedly been my saving grace in pathophys. You are a wonderful, wonderful teacher and I'm sure I can speak for many of us that we are so thankful to have educators like yourself. Thank you!
Natalie Hill
So clear & easy to understand! THANKS A MILLION!!!
Isabelle Schupak
This whole medical series is great for the paramedic looking for info on critical care transport… All this shows up in the flight and ground transport setting with our patients on the ventilator. Thank you, again!
Paul Gutekunst
These are the kind of medical lectures med students are looking for, especially for Pharmacology. Logical explanation, short, and to the point. There is nothing really good for pharm out there that I have seen like this.
Jason Mitchell
Thank you so much for all of these knowledgeable medical videos. As a new nurse practitioner in the acute care setting, this has really helped me thoroughly understand these diagnoses and be confident in my treatment plans.
Ashley Gilson
I am a nursing student in my final semester and your MedCram videos have been incredibly helpful. They provide that added background information that may not be available during medical lectures to answer the "why" questions. Thank you and keep up the great work!
Darrin Capps
1st year medical student chiming in. This is a very helpful series and the majority of my class is using it to prep for interactive medical lectures.
Tom Pentzer
I have been a nurse practitioner for 14 years, & stumbled upon MedCram videos online You have made hard topics so much clearer to understand - a "lightbulb" goes off when you simplify the concepts.
Gina Bearden
Thank you!! I got my highest grade ever in NP school so far with your videos! I couldn't believe the way that complex subjects I had been trying to understand for weeks were clarified in minutes. This is the greatest resource I have found so far for NP school. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
V. James
I wasn't doing well on my current exams for cardio-pulm, but the MedCram videos literally saved me and boosted my grades by a whole 50%.
Claudia B.