EKG Interpretation Explained Clearly! How to Read an ECG

EKG / ECG Interpretation Explained Clearly

Learn the key skills to effectively and systematically read an electrocardiogram | taught by Roger Seheult, MD

Course Curriculum

Course Contents
Video 1: Intro to This Course & The Heart (free trial) FREE
Video 1 Quiz
Video 2: Physiology of the Heart
Video 2 Quiz
Video 3: EKG Leads and Vectors
Video 3 Quiz
Video 4: Leads and EKG Paper
Video 4 Quiz
Video 5: The EKG Tracing
Video 5 Quiz
Video 6: EKG Waves, Complexes, and Intervals (P, QRS,T, etc.)
Video 6 Quiz
Video 7: The Autonomic Nervous System and The Heart
Video 7 Quiz
Video 8: Rate and Automaticity
Video 8 Quiz
Video 9: The R to R Interval and Rate Practice
Video 9 Quiz
Video 10: Rhythm & Arrhythmias
Video 10 Quiz
Video 11: Escape Rhythms
Video 11 Quiz
Video 12: Premature Beats and Pauses
Video 12 Quiz
Video 13: Premature Beats Continued, Bigeminy, and Trigeminy
Video 13 Quiz
Video 14: Tacyarrhythmias
Video 14 Quiz
Video 15: V-Tach and Torsades de Pointes
Video 15 Quiz
Video 16: Atrial & Ventricular Flutter
Video 16 Quiz
Video 17: Fibrillation
Video 17 Quiz
Video 18: Heart Blocks (free trial) FREE
Video 18 Quiz
Video19: Blocks and Escape Rhythms
Video 19 Quiz
Video 20: Bundle Branch Blocks
Video 20 Quiz
Video 21: Axis
Video 21 Quiz
Video 22: Precordial Leads
Video 22 Quiz
Video 23: Hypertrophy and Atrial Enlargement
Video 23 Quiz
Video 24: Infarction
Video 24 Quiz
Video 25: Q Waves and Posterior Infarction
Video 25 Quiz
Video 26: Hemiblocks and Fascicular Blocks
Video 26 Quiz
Video 27: Left Posterior Hemiblock
Video 27 Quiz
Video 28: COPD, PE, Hyperkalemia, Digoxin and the EKG
Video 29: How to Systematically Read an EKG
Video 30: Practice EKG 1 (A Normal EKG)
Video 31: Practice EKG 2
Video 32: Practice EKG 3
Video 33: Practice EKG 4
Video 34: Practice EKG 5
Video 35: Practice EKG 6
Video 36: Practice EKG 7
Video 37: Practice EKG 8
Video 38: Practice EKG 9
Video 39: Practice EKG 10 (free trial) FREE
Video 40: Practice EKG 11
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Medical course description

Confidently interpret EKG / ECGs in a systematic way.

Regardless of your level of experience with EKG interpretation, we believe you’ll find this course very useful.

Dr. Seheult is trusted by Universities, students, and medical professionals, for his ability to explain and illustrate key concepts with just enough detail so they are understood, not memorized... You won't become overburdened with too much information too quickly.

You’ll understand the electrical activity represented on EKG paper that allows the heart to beat and cycle blood through our bodies. You'll learn cues to notice abnormal findings in a systematic way.

Dr. Seheult will be your step by step mentor: reinforcing key cardiac physiology, explaining abnormal findings and how they develop in the first place, the appearance of a normal EKG, and a clinical perspective of electrocardiogram nuances, scenarios, and rare findings.

Quiz questions after each video reinforce essential concepts, and the course concludes with nine practice EKGs that Dr. Seheult systematically interprets.

Purchase of this course includes 1 year of access, so you can review or repeat videos as needed (all MedCram courses are mobile/tablet friendly).


- Roger Seheult M.D. is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP16824.  This course is approved for 10 CE contact hours, Please click here for detailed course objectives and accreditation information.

- We are in the process of obtaining category 1 CME accreditation for this course.

Special thanks to James A. Mathey PA-C, who has over 10 years of experience in cardiology and electrophysiology, for his thorough review of this course.

Reviews for EKG / ECG Interpretation Explained Clearly (7)

by Michael Rahman
Well done at a very good workable pace
by Sara Carnes Costello, NP
Content and clarity of the material is excellent. I appreciate the energy expended to create this presentation.
by Dr. Asad Agwan
Just incredible
See all 7 reviews
by Michael Rahman
Well done at a very good workable pace
by Sara Carnes Costello, NP
Content and clarity of the material is excellent. I appreciate the energy expended to create this presentation.
by Dr. Asad Agwan
Just incredible
by Omar Gabriel, NP
Very helpful, provides all the essential details. Thank you.
by Daniel Rydalch, RN
Outstanding! I have been looking forward to this course being released. I have viewed and attended many EKG courses and this is by far the best! Dr. Seheult is always concise, logical and very clear with his teaching. A very skilled instructor. I hope to watch this many times for review. Thank You!!!
by Dr. Kiran Sandhu
Well organized course, though I thought some things were not mentioned on the first practice ECG (ie ST segment elevation I thought I noted). Overall, it was thorough, organized, and well-taught.
by Dr. Carlos Neyra


Roger Seheult, MD
Roger Seheult, MD

- Quadruple Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

- Over 20 years teaching experience including: as an exam preparation instructor and an assistant professor of medicine.

- Experience as a medical director for both a Southern California Physician Assistant Program and a Respiratory Therapy Program.

Click here for full bio

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