Insomnia Made Easy - Diagnosis, Treatment, Causes, & Types

Understand Insomnia diagnosis and treatment with this clear and concise medical lecture from Dr. Seheult.

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Course Contents:
  • Insomnia: Normal Sleep, Age, Definitions, & Types of Insomnia
  • Insomnia: 3P Theory and Approach to Insomnia
  • Insomnia: CBTI, Stimulus Control, Sleep Hygiene
  • Insomnia: Sleep Restriction Therapy and Summary of CBTI
  • Insomnia: Sleeping Pills
  • Putting It All Together


    There has never been an explanation re: Insomnia explained clearly as this video. Salute to Dr. Seheult for his immeasurable passion and compassion toward his field of work. Totally admirable.


    Very usefull even for a laboratory technician. Thanks!


    more practical information on how to work up a patient and how to do CBTI



    I learned a lot. However, I will watch the videos at least twice more. Only criticism is that I could not read the footnotes for reference reading. Not really a critical problem. However, my daughter in law does suffer with insomnia and I will recommend these videos to her and my son.



    Concise and up to the point. Touches all the key areas. Highly recommended.


    I feel empowered by the information that I received from the video course, Insomnia Explained Clearly. I have suffered from insomnia for years with a scattering of treatments, each having small amounts of temporary success. Through these videos, I have acquired information to immediately begin implementing sleep hygiene and stimulus control. If further intervention is needed, I will be able to have an informed conversation with my physician to include behavioral therapy and the correct medication for my situation. I will sleep better tonight using your plan to reduce my insomnia.


    Dr. Seheult, I really appreciated your sleep lectures. However as I am now 77 and have been taking Soma and benzodiazipem for 12 years, I think I need to detox to get with your program. I live in Miami Beach, FL and I wonder if you or someone at can recommend a sleep specialist here? That would get me started. A long but ideally helpful start. Best to you in your work with Covid 19 on which you are truly amazing. The Best! Wendy Orange cell 646-322-6949 I am a Ph.D in clinical psychology, a journalist for 8 years in Jerusalem, author of a book "Coming Home to Jerusalem and in quaranteen for 130 days.


    Excellent and clear.........thank you Dr. Seheult Very clear oversight. My real [only critic ] is your remark about Valerian [ but being trained in the USA  i suppose with an-as it seems -an superb medical education I can understand your remark.] I was utterly surprised to hear you saying that it is not known how and which Valerian should be given [as I understood your language] For probably any other doctor in the world this may sound naive " or "not living in this world". I suppose you stated this because you may want to stay safe within the "norms" of the FDA but I hope you may consider reading up a bit about valerian with a huge amount of good literature and consider this as the first "trial treatment" before any other drug for insomnia. I have been a physician since 1970 but learned in the short time since I took a subscription on your site already a lot of useful tips  [and also saw virtually all your Covid-19 updates ] and highly appreciate your work and spreading of knowledge. By the way I sent you a few times material about an bit unknown herb /vegetable ]Portulaca ol.] which I have been using since the Mexican flu with excellent results and also during past year flu and  "corona" epidemic for may hundreds of patients, but really nobody seems to be interested in a cheap vegetable[with a long tradition].  In September of 2019 an article was published by Elsevierabout Portulaca by the Chinese[Taiwan] I know you are extremely busy so please don't feel by any means obliged to react to my writing.  Thanks for everything.

  • Quadruple Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

  • Over 20 years teaching experience as both an exam preparation instructor and an assistant professor of medicine.

  • Experience as a medical director for both a Southern California Physician Assistant Program and a Respiratory Therapy Program.

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