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Authoritative Medical Review Course of Key Pulmonary Concepts and Diseases | taught by Roger Seheult, MD

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Medical Course Overview
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Dr. Seheult's Medical Review Notes (downloadable)
MedCram Reviews - Pulmonology
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Page 1 (Free trial)
Page 1 Video (part 1): Hypoxemia FREE
Page 1 Video (part 2): More hypoxemia FREE
Page 1 Medical Quiz FREE
Page 1 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 2
Page 2 Video: CO, Methemoglobin, Cyanide poisoning
Page 2 Medical Quiz
Page 2 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 3
Page 3 Video: DLCO, Spirometry, PFTs
Page 3 Medical Quiz
Page 3 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 4
Page 4 Video: Flow volume loops
Page 4 Medical Quiz
Page 4 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 5
Page 5 Video: Obstruction vs. Restriction
Page 5 Medical Quiz
Page 5 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 6
Page 6 Video: Asthma and COPD
Page 6 Medical Quiz
Page 6 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 7
Page 7 Video: More COPD, Bronchiectasis, Cystic fibrosis
Page 7 Medical Quiz
Page 7 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 8
Page 8 Video: Interstitial lung disease
Page 8 Medical Quiz
Page 8 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 9
Page 9 Video: Occupational vs Non-occupational interstitial lung disease
Page 9 Medical Quiz
Page 9 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 10
Page 10 Video: Various interstitial lung diseases (Eosinophilic granuloma, LAM, etc.)
Page 10 Medical Quiz
Page 10 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 11
Page 11 Video: Interstitial lung disease and Pulmonary hypertension
Page 11 Medical Quiz
Page 11 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 12
Page 12 Video: Pulmonary hypertension
Page 12 Medical Quiz
Page 12 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 13
Page 13 Video: Pulmonary embolism and DVTs
Page 13 Medical Quiz
Page 13 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 14
Page 14 Video: Diagnosing pulmonary embolism
Page 14 Medical Quiz
Page 14 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 15
Page 15 Video: PE treatment and Pleural effusions
Page 15 Medical Quiz
Page 15 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 16
Page 16 Video: Pneumothorax and Pneumonia
Page 16 Medical Quiz
Page 16 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 17
Page 17 Video: Atypical pneumonia
Page 17 Medical Quiz
Page 17 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 18
Page 18 Video: Pseudomonas and Tuberculosis
Page 18 Medical Quiz
Page 18 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 19
Page 19 Video: Lung nodules and Lung cancer
Page 19 Medical Quiz
Page 19 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Page 20
Page 20 Video: Cough and Hemoptysis
Page 20 Medical Quiz
Course Review & Feedback
Page 20 Table of Contents (Index) FREE
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Medical Course Audio Files (Downloadable mp3s)
Page 1 Medical Audio mp3 (part 1)
Page 1 Medical Audio mp3 (part 2)
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Page 3 Medical Audio mp3
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Page 6 Medical Audio mp3
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Page 8 Medical Audio mp3
Page 9 Medical Audio mp3
Page 10 Medical Audio mp3
Page 11 Medical Audio mp3
Page 12 Medical Audio mp3
Page 13 Medical Audio mp3
Page 14 Medical Audio mp3
Page 15 Medical Audio mp3
Page 16 Medical Audio mp3
Page 17 Medical Audio mp3
Page 18 Medical Audio mp3
Page 19 Medical Audio mp3
Page 20 Medical Audio mp3
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Medical course description

Medical students and professionals (MDs, DOs, PAs, NPs, RNs, RTs) look no further...

MedCram Reviews - Pulmonology may be the most efficient and enjoyable way to review and deepen your understanding of the most important pulmonary concepts.

Most medical review courses follow a simple format: An instructor voiceover with boring presentation slides... perhaps with a quiz at the very end.

MedCram Reviews are different. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Download your exclusive set of detailed course notes, charts, and medical illustrations that allow you to seamlessly follow along with every second of the videos (23 short, digestible medical videos). Dr. Seheult compiled these medical notes to use as a backdrop for each video, and then bring the notes to life by marking them up extensively: drawing illustrations, highlighting key points, and clarifying details. With the course notes in hand, you'll be relieved of the need to take notes -- and freed up for maximum retention and understanding.

Step 2: After viewing the medical videos corresponding to each page of notes, take a short quiz for instant feedback and reinforcement of key points.

Step 3: Immediately enjoy the benefits of a enjoyable, practical, and comprehensive medical review that will tremendously benefit your long-term pulmonology understanding, patient care, and test scores.

Purchase of this medical course provides 1 year unlimited access on up to three devices.

Topics include:

Asthma, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, cough, pleural effusion, pneumothorax, chest x ray findings, pulmonary function tests, spirometry, flow volume loops, COPD, tuberculosis, hypoxemia, the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve, poisoning (CO, cyanide, etc), restrictive lung disease, obstructive lung disease, lung sounds, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, asbestosis, bronchoscopy, silicosis, pulmonary hypertension, transudate vs exudate, lung cancer, solitary lung nodules, hemoptysis, and many more.

Recent reviews of MedCram Reviews - Pulmonology from Dr. Seheult's medical students:

Dr. Seheult was EXCELLENT! He explained concepts in a thorough way I've never had them explored before. I feel like I truly understand in a way I never have before.

I liked everything!...It was the perfect mix of things to know for boards and things to know for wards...A perfect presentation!

Dr. Seheult was able to highlight pertinent information without overloading me with trivial information; provided real life anecdotes to illustrate the lecture content.

I really appreciated that Dr. Seheult condensed a lot of information into a short, highly relevant lecture with critical points.

He has put in a lot of work streamlining his material into highly relevant chunks of digestible information.

Dr. Seheult's handout was very helpful in summarizing key points for pulmonology that are tested on boards, and clarifying trickier concepts that students often get tripped up on.

He is an excellent lecturer. This is how lectures should be...

It made everything clearer and narrowed the treatments. This was an excellent lecture. I really like having a handout to follow.

This lecture was filled with high-yield material, and told me what was extremely important for test preparation. He helped direct my studying towards very high-yield topics, both for my upcoming shelf exam, and for clinical purposes.

Reviews for MedCram Reviews - Pulmonology (17)

by Daniel Amponsah
by Michael Momohara
by amjad khan
See all 17 reviews
by Daniel Amponsah
by Michael Momohara
by amjad khan
by Dr. Kiran Sandhu
by Annie Hawkins
by Dr. Shreyes Boddu
Very helpful in conjunction with the notes packet.
by Adam Lawless, RRT
by Novia Singh
by Dr. Sayed Mohammad
by Ashley Chun
by Saba Naamo
by Isabelle Joseph, NP
by Emad Balubaid
Great course. I hope that I see more reviews for the rest of the Internal Medicine branches
by Eric van Baarsel
I am a MS1 and I found this course very beneficial. It should be stated that some of the information covered in this course is above my current level, however, I knew this going into this course and I know later this course will become even more useful. Amazing job.
by Lauren Quinto
by Sanjay Woodhull
by Michael Sisler
Way better than the courses at my Med school. Thank you!


Roger Seheult, MD
Roger Seheult, MD

- Quadruple Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.

- Over 20 years teaching experience including: as an exam preparation instructor and an assistant professor of medicine.

- Experience as a medical director for both a Southern California Physician Assistant Program and a Respiratory Therapy Program.

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