E-FAST Exam Explained Clearly - Master Emergency Ultrasound


Need to learn FAST for your job or rotation in the trauma or emergency setting?  Looking to improve your FAST technique & efficiency?

In FAST Exam Explained Clearly, ultrasound expert & ED physician Joshua Jacquet, MD illustrates a straightforward system that will have you performing FAST & Extended FAST Exams efficiently and accurately.  

The Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (FAST) has become an integral part of a trauma survey, and is performed immediately after the primary survey of the ATLS protocol…

… and for good reasons: FAST achieves similar results in detecting hemoperitoneum as both CT scan and diagnostic peritoneal lavage, but is faster, cheaper, and avoids radiation or an invasive procedure. 

Additionally, the Extended FAST Exam (EFAST) will detect hemopericardium, hemothorax, & pneumothorax.

Many trauma patients have internal injuries that are not apparent on physical exam.  A properly performed EFAST identifies significant bleeding into the peritoneal, pleural, or pericardial spaces and expedite a potentially life-saving intervention.

Watch this video series now for a clear and enjoyable approach to mastering the FAST & EFAST bedside Exams.

What you'll receive from this course:

  • Essential background info and indications for the FAST Exam
  • A clear & concise method for performing the 4 classic FAST windows (RUQ, LUQ, Pelvic, & Cardiac)
  • Steps to effectively perform the EFAST Exam and assess the pleural space and lung sliding
  • Tips & nuances for clinical application & additional point-of-care ultrasound uses (POCUS)
  • How to assess for hemothorax and pneumothorax with numerous examples of each
  • Quiz questions to reinforce core concepts and help you study.     
  • 5 trauma cases that Dr. Jacquet works through to expand your understanding
  • 1 year of full unlimited access on up to 3 devices

Section 1: Overview and FAST Windows
  • Welcome & Free Trial Info free trial
  • Video 1: Overview & Defenition
  • Video 1 Quiz
  • Video 2: RUQ Window
  • Video 2 Quiz
  • Video 3: LUQ Window
  • Video 3 Quiz
  • Video 4: Pelvic Window
  • Video 4 Quiz
  • Video 5: Cardiac Window
  • Video 5 Quiz
Section 2: Hemoperitoneum & Hemopericardium
  • Video 6: Hemoperitoneum - RUQ
  • Video 6 Quiz
  • Video 7: Hemoperitoneum - LUQ
  • Video 7 Quiz
  • Video 8: Hemoperitoneum - Pelvis
  • Video 8 Quiz
  • Video 9: Hemopericardium
  • Video 9 Quiz
Section 3: EFAST, Hemothorax, & Pneumothorax
  • Video 10: EFAST - Pleural Space
  • Video 10 Quiz
  • Video 11: Hemothorax
  • Video 11 Quiz
  • Video 12: EFAST - Pleura & Lung Sliding
  • Video 12 Quiz
  • Video 13: Pneumothorax (free trial) free trial
  • Video 13 Quiz (free trial) free trial
Section 4: Clinical Application, Cases, & "SUSS IT"
  • Video 14: Clinical Application
  • Video 14 Quiz
  • Video 15A: Trauma US Case 1
  • Video 15A Quiz
  • Video 15B: Trauma US Case 2
  • Video 15B Quiz
  • Video 15C: Trauma US Case 3
  • Video 15C Quiz
  • Video 15D: Trauma US Case 4
  • Video 15D Quiz
  • Video 15E: Trauma US Case 5
  • Video 15E Quiz
  • Video 16: "SUSS IT"
  • Video 16 Quiz




Really enjoyed the course. As a PA who worked in ophthalmology for many years I did thousands of A scans and many B scans. This course leaves me wanting to actually perform some ultrasounds as well as learn more about the various applications for ultrasound. The systematic presentation of the concepts in the course and their continual reinforcement as the lectures progress is very helpful. Thank you for a very practical and entertaining course!



Great course learned a ton. Would help to have a few questions in the post lesson quiz that are related, but not direct images/wording from the presentation. Even without understanding, I can pick out the correct answer. For example, cardiac tamponade - it was literally the same image. Lesson was still very informative.




Very good! Course is laid out well, starting with the basics and then quickly builds. great illustrations/video clips. Will help my ED practice

Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University.   Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) and Emergency Ultrasound Director at Cleveland Clinic Akron GeneralFellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians (FACEP).

Learn more about Joshua here

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