Lung Ultrasound Explained Clearly - Videos and Illustrations


Lung Ultrasound (LUS) is becoming a critical emerging skill for clinicians of all levels.  LUS has proven to be useful in a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions.  As a result, It is rapidly gaining popularity across many different medical specialties.

Lung Ultrasound is relatively easy to learn, quick to perform at the bedside, and outperforms the accuracy of a chest X-ray for most lung conditions… In fact, LUS rivals the accuracy of CT imaging for acute respiratory failure - without the radiation.  Therefore, LUS can safely be utilized in all patient populations (including pediatrics and pregnancy), both inpatient and outpatient.

Lung Ultrasound Clinical Point of Care

In Lung Ultrasound Explained Clearly, you'll enjoy a series of concise videos, quizzes, and case studies as you move towards mastery. It has never been easier to get clarity with Lung Ultrasound. Start watching now (some videos are "free trial") and have confidence with this exciting and incredibly useful imaging modality! 

Clearly understand lung ultrasound findings in the diagnoses of COPD, asthma, pneumothorax, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, pleural effusion, acute respiratory distress syndrome and more...

What you'll receive from this course:

  • A systematic approach to performing a bedside ultrasound and spot abnormal findings
  • Illustrations and examples of all major abnormal LUS findings
  • Recognize key patterns on lung ultrasound and what they mean clinically
  • Learn an evidence-based protocol (the BLUE protocol) for diagnosing causes of acute respiratory failure with a 90.5% accuracy!
  • Understand how LUS can be used adjunctly in airway and ventilator management
  • Reinforcement of key concepts with actual patient cases
  • Quiz questions to reinforce core concepts and help you study
  • 1 year of unlimited access on up to 3 devices

Section 1 - Introduction to Lung Ultrasound
  • Video 1: Why Lung US?
  • Video 1 Quiz
  • Video 2: Principles I - Transducers, Machine Settings, Lung Zones & Anatomy
  • Video 2 Quiz
  • Video 3: Principles II - Air/fluid ratio and Earth/Sky Axis
  • Video 3 Quiz
  • Video 4: 10 Basic Signs of Lung US free trial
  • Video Quiz 4 free trial
Section 2 - Lung Ultrasound Signs
  • Video 5: The Pleural Line & Lung Sliding
  • Video 5 Quiz
  • Video 6: A-lines
  • Video Quiz 6
  • Video 7: B-lines
  • Video 7 Quiz
  • Video 8: "C-lines" and Consolidation
  • Video 8 Quiz
  • Video 9: Pleural Effusion & PLAPS
  • Video 9 Quiz
Section 3 - Lung Ultrasound Profiles & Pathology
  • Video 10: The BLUE Protocol Introduction
  • Video 10 Quiz
  • Video 11: Lung US Profiles
  • Video 11 Quiz
  • Video 12: Pneumothorax
  • Video 12 Quiz
  • Video 13: Asthma/COPD
  • Video 13 Quiz
  • Video 14: Pulmonary Embolism
  • Video 14 Quiz
  • Video 15: Pulmonary Edema
  • Video 15 Quiz
  • Video 16: Pneumonia
  • Video 16 Quiz
  • Video 17: ARDS
  • Video 17 Quiz
Section 4 - US in Airway, Cases and Conclusion
  • Video 18: US in Airway
  • Video 18 Quiz
  • Video 19: Case 1
  • Video 19 Quiz
  • Video 20: Case 2
  • Video 20 Quiz
  • Video 21: Case 3
  • Video 21 Quiz
  • Video 22: Case 4
  • Video 22 Quiz
  • Video 23: Case 5
  • Video 23 Quiz
  • Video 24: Conclusion
  • Video 24 Quiz


it is one of the best courses on US I have done and I HAVE TRIED MANY, and the best for lungs!!

Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University.   Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (RDMS) and Emergency Ultrasound Director at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians (FACEP).

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